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Garden Fence: The Basic Criteria For Choosing The Right Fence
Garden Fence: The Basic Criteria For Choosing The Right Fence

Video: Garden Fence: The Basic Criteria For Choosing The Right Fence

Video: Garden Fence: The Basic Criteria For Choosing The Right Fence
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To develop your garden, you must start by installing a fence, which will delimit your property and guarantee your privacy, while optimizing your security. In this article, we provide an overview of the solutions available to you, the interests they present and the means to promote their longevity.

The interests of a fence

white pvc garden fence
white pvc garden fence

The fence presents certain functions unsuspected by the general public, let's discover all the roles it takes on.


Originally, the fence corresponds to an obstacle aiming to materialize the limits of a land, but also to prevent people or animals from entering or leaving it. Nowadays, the installation of a barrier is mainly motivated by security reasons. First of all, it prevents overly curious children, such as pets, from being able to leave the property.

Its specific features must also make it possible to avoid break-in attempts or at least delay them. Moreover, this device, which takes various forms, constitutes a solution to calm the ardor of potentially overly intrusive neighbors.


wooden garden fence
wooden garden fence

The fence pursues a preponderant mission in the garden of some owners: that of amputating, or even completely obscuring the vis-à-vis. Even if you have nothing to hide, it is not necessarily unpleasant to be stared at by passers-by when you are having lunch or having a good time. The installation or replacement of a fence is also considered for aesthetic considerations. The diversity of models offered by manufacturers makes it easy to opt for a barrier that fits seamlessly into the landscape. Direct consequence on the economic level: the property benefits from a significant gain!

Closure and regulations

which garden fence to choose regulations
which garden fence to choose regulations

Before discussing the types of fences available on the market, it is useful to delve into the regulatory intricacies, to be sure to mount your fence according to the established rules.

A general rule

First of all, owners are subject to a standard regarding the height of the barrier they are installing or renovating. According to article 647 of the Civil Code, a separation fence must respect a minimum height (including a chaperone) of 3.20 meters in municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants and 2.60 meters in localities of less than 50,000 inhabitants. In addition, the barrier is necessarily fixed on the limit of your land and not straddling the dividing line with the neighbor.

Differentiated standards according to place of residence

There are also all the rules recorded in the Local Urban Plan (PLU). The work required to put up a fence does not require the granting of a driver's license, rest assured. However, an individual is sometimes forced to submit a work declaration, for example when his home is in a classified area. What about the appearance of the fence? Colors and materials may also be subject to municipal regulations.

Check the standards imposed by your PLU. They can also limit you in terms of height, but also of style (concrete blocks, wire mesh, etc.).

The materials of the fences

Style, sturdiness, longevity… the selection of the material has an impact on these various factors. We tell you their main characteristics and help you make a relevant choice.

PVC fence

contemporary design decorative wooden fence
contemporary design decorative wooden fence

One of the solutions popular with consumers is the purchase of a PVC fence. This is Polyvinyl Chloride, a plastic material made up of more than 50% of raw material of mineral origin. Before discussing its strengths, it is useful to list its limitations.

Panels of this nature can mark on impact, and their aesthetics are still questionable for a number of people. The benefits of a PVC fence outweigh its pitfalls for most homeowners.

First, these barriers benefit from a more than honest durability. As we will discuss below, their maintenance is not binding. Fences act as very good privacy screens: their opacity makes it easy to protect themselves from prying eyes. In addition, the panels made of this material effectively protect against the wind. In general, they stand out for their solidity and constitute an obstacle much more robust than a fence for those who would decide to damage it.

There are examples with white, gray and anthracite blades, but also imitation wood models. To top it off, its manufacturers generally distribute them at bargain prices. This criterion remains the justice of the peace for many who desire an efficient and inexpensive fence.

Alternatives to PVC

Available in a wide variety of styles, the aluminum fence is an attractive alternative, but its cost is far from attractive.

The wrought iron has points in its favor as its robustness, this being so, it is a material that has a tendency to rust easily. Then come the wooden models, whose authenticity is capable of seducing a part of the public. Unlike garden sheds made of this material, they are quite economical and quite easy to install. Without forgetting the natural plant fence, very virtuous ecologically speaking, but also greatly vulnerable.

Maintaining a fence

white wooden garden fence
white wooden garden fence

Keep in mind that this type of installation is always outside, which is not the case with some furniture that may be stored when the weather turns bad. Thus, the fence is subject to inevitable climatic aggressions and must therefore be the subject of special attention.

PVC slats: easy and infrequent maintenance

Homeowners do not always have time to devote to the maintenance of their garden and its facilities. Certain types of fences are bound to find their favor, like trellises and concrete models. For the latter, it is advisable to make sure from time to time that the abutments are still well fixed. The cleaning of PVC barriers is not restrictive either, which is one of the reasons for their attractiveness.

However, if foam forms or if you notice a significant change in its appearance, you can resort to a real cleaning operation. This approach has proved its worth on PVC installations. On the one hand, you can take care of it with the help of a pressure washer. After removing branches and other vegetation with a quackgrass brush, spray water on the fence from top to bottom, and repeat the operation from right to left. If you do not have a Karcher type device, we suggest that you use the quackgrass brush only. Add a little bleach to a bucket filled with water and brush the barrier until it regains its original appearance.

More rigorous maintenance of other materials

In the case of wood, it is recommended to regularly renew a preventive treatment to reduce the vulnerability of the coating. If you opt for wrought iron, applying an anti-rust paint is more than advisable. Those who adopt a vegetal barrier must be prepared to take care of it frequently and in particular to control the fixings after climatic episodes likely to affect them.

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