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Door Slammed Or Blocked - What's The Right Reaction To Have?
Door Slammed Or Blocked - What's The Right Reaction To Have?

Video: Door Slammed Or Blocked - What's The Right Reaction To Have?

Video: Door Slammed Or Blocked - What's The Right Reaction To Have?
Video: Making a Door Dynamic Block in AutoCAD 2023, April

We take out the trash, we talk for 5 minutes with a neighbor on the landing… and clack! The front door of your Parisian accommodation has closed, leaving you without the keys, stuck outside. Among the locksmith problems, the door slammed by accident is the most common, especially in large cities like Paris which have a lot of apartments, the problem occurring less often with a house. Such a situation can be avoided with a few tips, but when the problem arises, we often find ourselves faced with the choice of opening your door yourself without damaging it or calling a locksmith in Paris. So how do you open a blocked door that you don't have the keys to? What systems to install so that this does not happen again?

Unlock a slammed door, is it possible?

what methods to open a blocked door
what methods to open a blocked door

It is possible to open the door yourself when it is slammed, but not locked. It is also not uncommon for professional locksmiths to offer video tips on their sites so that everyone can solve this problem easily and quickly. However, the most effective methods require materials that you may not have on hand if you are stuck outside without your belongings! You can also ask a neighbor for help if you don't have your phone with you.

The radio method

To open your door without causing damage to your lock, you can use a medical x-ray. You will have to slide it between the door and the leaf so as to touch the bolt, then make small shakes on the door to move the bolt towards the inside of its housing. A few small kicks can be enough to move it. Note that the radio can be replaced by a bank card or any other flat, thin and rigid object that can penetrate between the door and the leaf. Be careful though, the cards can break.

Open a door with armored lock with a drill

You can open your door yourself if the lock is armored, but you must have a drill capable of drilling metal. Dig a small 5mm hole near the handle, slip a wire through it, then pull the handle or the door pull. Remember to fill the hole well after opening the door.

Calling a locksmith to open a slammed door

call locksmith open door slammed
call locksmith open door slammed

To solve a closed or slammed door problem, the best thing is to call a locksmith like, a cheap and fast locksmith in Paris. Only his know-how and his experience will allow you to open your door without causing irreversible damage, especially if you rent your Parisian apartment. A cheap locksmith must be familiar with the different techniques in order to open a slammed door: while there are some tricks you can apply to open your door yourself, these are often limited to simple locks and do not work. with multipoint or secure locks. Moreover, it is essential to have notions of DIY to get there without damage.

It is therefore best to leave room for a professional to do the work. With a cheap locksmith, it will not be necessary to force the entry and your lock will be able to remain functional after its passage.

The best solution for emergency situations

There is never a good time to be locked out, but other situations can be more disturbing than others. Being outside in the middle of the night, for example, is particularly frustrating. Fortunately, locksmiths in Paris offer their door opening services at any time and every day. The price will depend on your situation, and in particular whether the door has only been slammed, or whether it has been locked.

Inexpensive locksmiths can also offer a quick and free quote based on the photo of your lock. This way, there will be no surprises as to the price you will be charged for the procedure. Opting for a professional will prevent you from being ripped off on the price of the service, in particular thanks to the price display directly on the site.

How to avoid slamming your door?

how to open a slammed or blocked door
how to open a slammed or blocked door

The best way not to get stuck at the door of your home is still to prevent slammed door problems. With a few security systems, you should be able to avoid most accidental lock-up situations.

Install a door stopper at the entrance

Installing a stopper at the front door is always a good idea when you need to be away for a few seconds. In this way, the door can be retained in the event of a gust of wind or any movement which could cause it to close. If you don't have one, consider propping up the door with a solid object while you are making your round trip!

Keep duplicate keys on hand

The second trick is to make sure you have a duplicate of the keys accessible outside the accommodation in the event of the door being slammed. It is best to entrust it to a loved one whom you trust completely, an immediate neighbor, or a guardian. You can also hide a duplicate of your keys outside, but this is a last resort as you risk having it stolen.

how to unlock a slammed door
how to unlock a slammed door

Install a disengageable cylinder on the door

If you absolutely want to avoid facing a slam door problem, it is better to install a disengageable cylinder. This type of system allows you to insert both a key indoors and outdoors. If you find yourself locked outside with the keys on the cylinder inside, you can open your door using a duplicate without it blocking. A cheap locksmith can ask you one if needed.

Avoid leaving the keys on the cylinder

To avoid being inadvertently locked out, have the reflex to remove your key from the inner cylinder when you close the door. Newer locks have a spring that prevents leaving a key in place, which adds extra security. In this way, when it is inadvertently slammed, it will be locked only by the latch bolt, which will greatly facilitate its reopening by the locksmith. Such an intervention will be even more charged less by the latter.

And finally, something as simple as a wall keychain, the quirky design of which captures your full attention every time you step out of your home, could miraculously solve the blocked door problem.

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