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Successful Pool Water Maintenance: All Our Advice
Successful Pool Water Maintenance: All Our Advice

Cloudy water, tiny floating green algae, unusually slippery edges, too strong a smell of chlorine… these are all signs that your pool water has become unsuitable for swimming. This may be due to lack of or poor maintenance. Indeed, although having a swimming pool is a real pleasure, it also requires regular maintenance to be able to be used as often as possible. The maintenance of swimming pool water can be particularly restrictive, but this is without counting the appearance of different equipment and products that can now be used to keep the swimming pool clean. What are the actions to adopt and the equipment to use to facilitate the maintenance of your swimming pool?

Swimming pool water maintenance: what treatment?

pool water maintenance useful tips
pool water maintenance useful tips

In order for your pool water to remain crystal clear and clean for swimming, it must be specially treated with chemical agents or by more natural processes.

Chlorine treatment

Chlorine is a disinfectant and oxidizing agent that is most widely used for the treatment and cleaning of swimming pool water. Available in several formulas (tablets, granules, liquids, etc.), it is particularly effective in disinfecting water and killing the bacteria responsible for the proliferation of algae.

To be sure to provide the right dose of chlorine, it is necessary to first analyze the water with strips for example.

You can also make it easier for yourself by using an automatic chlorine regulator. This will prevent you from having to manually adjust the chlorine level. Note that chlorine is quite aggressive and can cause skin and eye irritation if the dosage is incorrect.

pool water maintenance chlorine treatment
pool water maintenance chlorine treatment

Salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis is an option that allows you to treat pond water in a more environmentally friendly way. Indeed, this technique does not require the use of chemicals. Instead of the latter, you use salt, which is undoubtedly less harsh on the skin and eyes, and does not cause swimsuit discoloration or allergies.

To apply the salt electrolysis technique, you will need to install a swimming pool salt chlorinator, which you will find in stores specializing in swimming pool equipment. This ecological system creates healthy and natural chlorine, conducive to effective cleaning of your pool. You will be able to enjoy clear and pure water, thanks to this simple device. The salt chlorinator will be sufficient for optimal cleaning, accompanied only by an automatic pH regulator.

Bromine treatment

Bromine is an agent that can replace chlorine, in case of allergy for example. It offers the advantage of being odorless and less irritating, but more suitable for high temperature water, which is why its use is more widespread in spas.

If your pool water is heated, then you can use bromine to purify it. Note, however, that a considerable amount of product is required for the disinfectant power of bromine to be optimal. It is also recommended to install a brominator, so that the product diffuses well in the water. This device also ensures the automatic readjustment of the product dosage.

Clean the pool water

pool water cleaning visible waste
pool water cleaning visible waste

The water in the swimming pool, although it has a pretty bluish color, is exposed with each swim to all kinds of impurities: sunscreen with which we apply ourselves before swimming, dust, dead leaves, etc. It is therefore necessary to clean the water daily to prevent this dirt from infecting it. To do this, you will need to equip yourself with the following equipment:

A landing net

The landing net will be used to fish out visible waste that floats on the water in the basin: dead leaves, insects, blades of grass … It must be equipped with a very long handle, in order to collect the dirt which is at the bottom. of the basin.

cleaning water swimming pool brush
cleaning water swimming pool brush

A brush

The impurities that get lodged on the walls of your pool are responsible for the formation of algae, which then pollute the water in turn. It is therefore necessary to brush the walls well to remove them. The pool wall brushes are designed to reach the bottom and effectively clean the pool walls. It is also possible to use a special eraser for quick cleaning of the water line.

A pool robot

This modern equipment saves you the drudgery of cleaning the walls, since it cleans automatically. Connected to a hose, the vacuum robot moves on its own at the bottom of the pool and effectively cleans its walls.

With the robot, you no longer need to brush by hand every week!

Filter the water

maintenance pool water filtration
maintenance pool water filtration

It is the filtration system that ensures that the water in the pool remains of good quality. It also plays a role in the regeneration of water. It is therefore essential to maintain the filtration system, because the more efficient it is, the less water will need to be treated with chemicals or salt.

Here are the equipment and processes you can use to properly filter your pool water.


Biofiltration is a revolutionary process that uses a biological filter and microorganisms to purify water and regenerate it. With this technique, you no longer need to use chemical agents to disinfect the water, since the microorganisms feed on organic residues, while UV rays and ozone are responsible for sterilizing it.

This solution is effective, but is not yet really widespread due to its high cost. However, it saves you the drudgery of manual treatment by naturally preserving the water from impurities. To use it, it is necessary to call in a professional in the field.

Cleaning of filtration equipment

You must also take care to maintain the equipment used to filter the swimming pool water: the skimmer baskets must be emptied as often as possible, while the pump must be cleaned regularly. You can do this by backwashing, or completely removing the filter cartridge and then jet cleaning it.

Cover the pool

indoor swimming pool tip to preserve water against dirt
indoor swimming pool tip to preserve water against dirt

An indoor swimming pool is less exposed to dirt and the vagaries of the weather, which can be responsible for the imbalance of the water. It will require less daily maintenance. There are all kinds of solutions you can use to cover your swimming pool, from tarp to telescopic cover. The important thing is to choose one that is as waterproof as it is solid.

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