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Sushi In A Hurry: How To Prepare Oshizushi At Home
Sushi In A Hurry: How To Prepare Oshizushi At Home

Video: Sushi In A Hurry: How To Prepare Oshizushi At Home

Video: Sushi In A Hurry: How To Prepare Oshizushi At Home
Video: How Sushi Was Made 200 Years Ago 2023, March

Does making sushi at home mean impossible? In fact, preparing the Asian delicacy is not that difficult, provided you follow a few essential rules. These include choosing the right ingredients and the right accessories! Sushi enthusiast, you probably know that there are several types of sushi, one of which is Oshizushi pressed sushi. This variation of Asian delicacy has enjoyed great interest lately, especially among beginners of Japanese cuisine. Much easier to prepare and shape, pressed sushi is guaranteed to create the perfect bites that will impress all your diners! Discover more about the Oshizushi technique and do not hesitate to test our recipes!

Oshizushi or pressed sushi: what is it exactly?

sushi press salmon vegetables
sushi press salmon vegetables

Oshizushi, also known as Oshi Sushi, is the oldest form of sushi in Japan. These were the first sushi whose shape approached the sushi that we know today. It is a pressed sushi which is originally composed of 3 layers, two layers of rice and a layer of fish between them. The shape is reminiscent of a kind of sandwich which contains different delicious ingredients (meat, smoked fish, vegetables etc.). To finish the pressed sushi, it should always be topped with a special ingredient of your choice, but in general, it is a flattened shrimp, a piece of smoked fish or a vegetable (cucumber, avocado etc.).

How to shape pressed sushi?

oshibako box oshizushi mold
oshibako box oshizushi mold

Oshizushis are easy to make and don't use a nori seaweed sheet. They are made by pressing blocks of rice and sushi fillings into a special mold, called "oshibako", to create perfect rectangles that can then be sliced. Without an “oshibako” box, any clean rectangular container will do just fine. For example, you can use an empty chocolate box, a bento box, or even a cake tin. You will also need cling film.

How to properly prepare rice?

round rice special sushi
round rice special sushi

Make sure you are using the correct rice first. This is the special round sushi rice that you need. Count at least 200 g for four people. Cook the rice according to the package directions. After cooking, pour the rice into a dish and add a mixture of 5 tbsp. of rice vinegar, 3 tbsp. of sugar and 1 tbsp. of salt. You can also add sake. Mix well without crushing the rice grains.

What toppings can I use?

Sushi press oshizushi different toppings
Sushi press oshizushi different toppings

To prepare your pressed sushi, you can use different toppings. Generally the ingredients include:

• Fish: salmon, trout, tuna, shime saba (Japanese marinated mackerel)

• Shrimps

• Vegetables: cucumber, avocado

• Fish


• Eggs • Lemon slices

• Seaweed: nori, kombu

• Shiso leaves (Japanese basil)

• Beni shoga (thin strips of pickled ginger)

• Toasted sesame seeds

• Wasabi

• Soy sauce

Oshizushi pressed sushi: preparation steps

how to make homemade oshizushi press sushi
how to make homemade oshizushi press sushi

1. First of all, familiarize yourself with the “oshibako” box. This is made up of 3 parts: the base (bottom), the press (top) and the side of the box. Before you start shaping the pressed sushi, wet the box with rice vinegar to prevent the rice from sticking.

2. Prepare the rice. Rinse it, then rub it lightly and drain. Repeat the operation until the water is clear. Cook the rice. After cooking, mix the rice with the preparation based on vinegar, sugar and salt.

3. Prepare your toppings. Cut the vegetables and fish into thin slices. Take the zest and juice of the washed lemon.

4. Line the inside of the mold with cling film to facilitate demolding.

5. Wet your fingers with rice vinegar.

6. Place 2-3 centimeters of rice in the bottom of the mold, without packing it down.

7. Spread the toppings on, then add a new layer of rice, stopping just below the edge. Make sure the rice is evenly spread all over, even in the corners.

8. Use the lid of the box to pack everything down for a few seconds.

9. To finish the oshizushi, place thin slices of vegetables or fish on the surface of the rice.

10. Fold up the cling film.

11. Press for a few more seconds and leave the lid on the oshizushi for a few minutes.

12. Finally, all you have to do is remove the cling film and cut regular pieces.

oshizushi smoked salmon new onion
oshizushi smoked salmon new onion

13. If you made your pressed sushi in a box, let the Oshizushi sit in the fridge for about 10 minutes, so that the ingredients stick together well.

14. Turn the box over and remove the pressed sushi.

15. Wet a knife and cut into rectangles / squares.

16. Clean the knife blade between each cut.

Now that you already know the techniques for shaping pressed sushi, we invite you to discover our selection of easy recipes to start your Oshizushi experience!

Mackerel Oshizushi

how to make oshizushi marine mackerel
how to make oshizushi marine mackerel


• 300 g of special round sushi rice

• 1 fillet of marinated mackerel shime saba

• 6 shiso leaves

• 4 tbsp. rice vinegar

For the vinegar:

• 4 tbsp. rice vinegar

• 2 tbsp. sugar

• 1 tbsp. salt

Sushi press oshizushi mackerel
Sushi press oshizushi mackerel

 Smoked salmon pressed sushi

Sushi press oshizushi smoked tuna jalapeno
Sushi press oshizushi smoked tuna jalapeno

Ingredients for 24 bites:

• 2 cups of special sushi rice

• 20 ml rice vinegar

• ½ tsp. tablespoon sugar

• 150 g smoked salmon

• 1 avocado, cut into thin strips

• 1 tbsp. mayonnaise

• 1 jalapeno (optional)


• Wasabi

• Soy sauce

Sushi with salmon and vegetables

sushi press oshi zushi salmon broccoli zucchini
sushi press oshi zushi salmon broccoli zucchini


• 100 g of raw salmon steak

• 3-4 stems of broccoli

• 1 zucchini zucchini

• 2 tbsp. yuzu kosho

• 2 tsp. of mayonnaise

• 2 pinches of dried bonito flakes

• ½ tsp. soy sauce

• ¾ cup sushi rice

• ¾ cup water

• 1 tsp. salt

• 1 ½ tsp. sugar

• 2 ¾ tbsp. tablespoons of white vinegar

Check out the preparation instructions in the video below:

 Idea of tuna squeezed sushi with jackfruit

sushi press tuna jackfruit
sushi press tuna jackfruit


• 1 can of 567 g jackfruit

• 2 tbsp. soy sauce

• 4 tsp. mirin

• 1 tsp. coconut sugar

• ½ tsp. teaspoon vegetable oil

• 50 g kabocha squash

• 6 tbsp. of rice flour

• 1 tbsp. mirin

• 80 ml water

• 1 pinch of salt

• 2 cups special suchi rice

• 10 shiso leaves

* Detailed instructions to discover on the following link: Asian Vegan and Beyond

Advice and information:

sushi press salmon mackerel jalapeno
sushi press salmon mackerel jalapeno

1. Whatever container you are going to use to prepare the pressed sushi, remember to cover its inside with cling film to prevent the rice from sticking to the edges.

2. Feel free to experiment by layering several layers of different ingredients. For a delicious mixed result, alternate ingredients in contrasting colors. For example, try a combination like this: salmon and rice, avocado and rice. You can even add a layer of thin cucumber slices which will give your oshizushi a crunchy structure.

3. Depending on the container you are using, you can place the toppings on the bottom or top of the container.

4. Although the Japanese rarely consume nigiri sushi, these vinegar rice balls topped with a slice of fish are very popular in France.

5. When the rice is cooked, you pour in the sushi vinegar. Mix gently with a spatula, as if to incorporate egg whites in a mousse, to avoid breaking the grains.

6. When the vinegar is well mixed, cool the rice. To do this, you can use a fan. This step will help make the rice shiny and remove excess moisture.

7. If you are using cucumber, let the salted slices sit for a while, then wring out the excess liquid well, before adding them.

8. Ready-made shime saba (Japanese marinated mackerel) can be replaced with grilled mackerel seasoned with salt or smoked salmon.

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