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Low Carb Flours For Keto Diet
Low Carb Flours For Keto Diet

Video: Low Carb Flours For Keto Diet

Video: Low Carb Flours For Keto Diet
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We have already talked about low glycemic index table sugar substitutes that are safe for diabetics. But sugar is not the only food to substitute for a healthier and balanced diet or during a low carb (low carbohydrate) diet. Nowadays, we hear more and more about low-carbohydrate flours, which we tended to use especially during a keto diet or even when dieting. But the consumption of low carbohydrate flours is becoming more and more popular and many people prefer them in order to maintain a balanced diet. More useful and interesting details in the following paragraphs.

Flours low in carbohydrates: why include them in your diet?

low carbohydrate flour useful info
low carbohydrate flour useful info

Here are some things to remember and some processes related to carbohydrate consumption:

The carbohydrates ingested are converted into glucose, and this is what the glycemic index measures. Glucose in the blood helps to raise the blood sugar level. When a large supply of glucose in the blood, in response, the body secretes insulin whose role is to regulate blood sugar. It is important to note that all carbohydrates are not equal and depending on their index, they can produce more or less glucose. So, according to logic, for an equal calorie, a product with a low glycemic index will produce less glucose in the blood. This therefore makes it possible to limit insulin spikes in the blood. In addition, since insulin can trigger weight gain, by limiting it, we will end up losing weight.

So, the benefits of low carbohydrate flours are numerous and integrating them into your diet is more than beneficial for our health and for the few extra pounds. Consuming certain flours according to their glycemic index is important not only for diabetics, but also for people on a low-carbohydrate diet or even a weight loss diet.

What are low-carbohydrate flours: a list according to the glycemic index

low carb gluten free flours
low carb gluten free flours

To assess the glycemic index of foods, the glycemic index of glucose, established at 100, is taken as a reference. Thus, foods are classified into three groups:

• High GI:> 60

• Medium GI: between 40 and 59

• Low GI: <40

With regard to flours, depending on the type, their GI can vary from 15 to 95. Here is a list classifying the flours according to their GI:

Low GI flours:


flour: IG 35 Chickpea flour: IG 35

Lentil flour: IG 30

Soy flour: IG 25

Hazelnut flour: IG 20

Almond flour: IG 20

Lupine flour: IG 15

Medium GI flours:

Kamut flour (whole): GI 45

Wheat flour (whole): GI 45

Spelled flour (whole): GI 45

Quinoa flour: GI 40

Amaranth flour: GI 40

High GI flours:

Refined rice flour: IG 95


grain rice flour: IG 75 Refined wheat flour: IG 85

Whole wheat flour: IG 60

Millet flour: IG 70

Corn flour: IG 70

Chestnut flour: IG 65

Sorghum flour: IG 65

How do you use some of the most popular low-carb flours?

almond flour low glycemic index
almond flour low glycemic index

The almond flour is among the most popular representatives of the poor carbohydrate meal, used in full of recipes keto. This flour is versatile and is widely available in supermarkets and online. It can be used in recipes calling for wheat flour (take into account that the texture of the finished product will be different), in recipes for muffins, pancakes and tender pastries, or to coat foods before sautéing them.

coconut flour exotic flavor low carb gluten free
coconut flour exotic flavor low carb gluten free

The coconut flour is often used for its exotic flavor and texture, but it deserves a very special attention for its low glycemic index. Thanks to its sweet taste, it is perfect for gluten-free baking. It is also used for making gourmet drinks (shakes, smoothies etc.). It allows a varied use in dishes, sauces, pastries, desserts, creams etc.

Gluten free soy flour low in carbohydrates emulsifying property
Gluten free soy flour low in carbohydrates emulsifying property

The soy flour is an excellent alternative to flour with gluten. In addition, it is very low in carbohydrates and is rich in essential nutrients (proteins, amino acids, magnesium, iron etc.). It tastes and smells similar to nuts and, mixed with a neutral flour, gives your preparations a biscuit taste. It is also prized for its emulsifying property, helping to reduce the amount of eggs and butter in pastries.

gluten free low carb chickpea flour
gluten free low carb chickpea flour

The chickpea flour is one of the poorest flour carbohydrates and gluten, which can be used in sweet and savory preparations. Its fluid and easy to work consistency allows a varied use (pancakes, breads, pancakes, pizza dough etc.). This flour is an excellent source of protein and is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

what are the low carbohydrate flours low glycemic index
what are the low carbohydrate flours low glycemic index

It should not be forgotten that the glycemic index remains an indicator and even if a flour has a low glycemic index, it should not be abused. Whole-grain and whole-grain flours are preferred for their interesting nutritional qualities.

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