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Menstrual Panties: Protective Lingerie That Respects The Female Body
Menstrual Panties: Protective Lingerie That Respects The Female Body

Video: Menstrual Panties: Protective Lingerie That Respects The Female Body

Video: Menstrual Panties: Protective Lingerie That Respects The Female Body
Video: Transformation Textile "Eva period underwear" reusable sanitary protection for girls and women 2023, March

Period panties, period panties, or period panties, you may or may not have heard of them before. But this product is a real revolution for the daily life of women during their period. At the same time feminine, discreet and comfortable, the opposite of the sanitary napkin or the tampon, they will revolutionize your approach to the rules.

Menstrual panties, don't you know? We tell you everything

period panties lingerie periodic protection
period panties lingerie periodic protection

The menstrual panties (hold on tight) are panties that meet both your needs for fine lingerie AND periodic protection. As discreet as your usual underwear and just as effective as towels and tampons, it provides comfort for 12 hours by avoiding any sensation of humidity, leakage or odor.

The period panty belongs to the family of washable periodic protections but if the models of previous years reminded us of our old grandmother's panties, new brands have made efforts in recent years to offer us innovative models that are more efficient, elegant and feminine.. And yes, it's completely possible (as long as you want to) to be sexy during your period.

Of course, in terms of intimate hygiene, pads and tampons are still very popular in the market for menstruation products. The cup or menstrual cups come just after and the periodic panties in 3rd position. Sanitary panties are gaining in popularity because they are the healthiest and most effective option at the same time.

Indeed, we are entering into a certain awareness where we are gradually talking about ecological rules and these new panties, made with certified organic products not harmful to health, guarantee the balance and the proper functioning of your vaginal flora. Forget the irritation problems caused by rubbing fins or itching or even more seriously allergic to tampons and towels.

Unlike tampons and the menstrual cup, the blood does not stagnate for several hours in us, and therefore the risk of toxic shock syndrome is eliminated.

We tested the Sisters Republic period panties for you

Sisters Republic period panties Colette model
Sisters Republic period panties Colette model

And because nice words are worth nothing without practice, we've decided to take the test for you. We looked at the panties from Sisters Republic. Why ?

Already because we find the name of the panties nice, we also found on their site that their models seemed very pretty and because there is something for everyone (panties, bikini or boxer) in sizes ranging from XS up to 4XL!

Also, you can select light, medium or super absorption depending on your menstrual flow. Sisters republic definitely knows how to talk to women… and to all women!

We opted for the Colette panties: classic cut, well covering the buttocks with a small lace flounce at the waist. Inside the package, you will find the composition and maintenance information for the panties. No risk of making a mistake like that. No thicker (feeling) than usual lingerie, it has kept all its promises. Comfortable and absorbent, the day went very well.

For its composition:

  • The exterior is in microfiber fabric
  • The interior: in Oeko Tex cotton for the part in contact with the skin and a blend of polyester, nylon and cotton for the absorbent part depending on the degree of absorption.

As for the panty promises, there are therefore three layers:

  • Waterproof fabric that guarantees 0 leaks by choosing the panties adapted to its flow;
  • Absorbent fabric to stay dry all day and no longer feel damp;
  • Breathable fabric so as not to have an unpleasant odor.

Our Menstrual Panties Verdict: Total Satisfaction !

And in addition, they are ecological and economical

menstrual panties alternative to traditional hygienic protections
menstrual panties alternative to traditional hygienic protections

In addition to being pretty and practical, it has not finished surprising you yet. The menstrual panties are not only environmentally friendly but also economical.

Periods appear on average around the age of 13 and stop at menopause. Their duration varies from two days to a week. Abundant or moderate flow, to each its own style. But one thing is certain, having your rules comes at a cost: both financial and environmental.

In fact, the consumption of traditional hygienic protections per woman will range between 10,000 and 15,000 units throughout her life. For all protection combined: towels, tampons, applicators, individual packaging, etc.

Come to think of it, with an average expenditure of € 10 for all protections, your monthly expenditure on hygienic protections costs you a small fortune.

And this is where the period panties come into play and reveal its strengths.

Ecological protection

zero menstrual period panties
zero menstrual period panties

Unless you live in a cave, you've probably heard of man's ecological impact on the planet. But good news! Going green is also possible with the menstrual cycle and her panties. By choosing to adopt the period panties, you will definitely go to zero menstrual waste.

This type of lingerie is not only washable BUT ALSO reusable. So yeah, at first it might seem weird but honestly, we got used to it. What is even more appreciable is its ultra simple and fast maintenance.

There are three simple steps to follow to ensure maximum efficiency:

  • Rinsing: By simply passing the panties under cold water (we insist, the water must be cold!) Until the water becomes clear. If you don't have the time or patience to wait for panty in hand, let it soak for a few minutes. But before going on to the next step, check that there are no more traces;
  • Washing: By hand or in the machine with the rest of your clothes, the choice is yours! In the machine, we recommend that you insert it into the bra nets for additional protection (this is not mandatory, but we like to pamper what is good for us). Wash at low temperature (30 ° to 40 ° maximum). For laundry, prefer a rather soft one and avoid detergents and softeners at all costs.
  • Drying: in the open air or on a drying rack.

By scrupulously following these small washing steps, you will keep panties like new for your next 5 years of cohabitation. We just insist on the fact that it is important to keep it away from any heat source (including the dryer) which could alter the properties of the panties.

Economic protection

intimate hygiene new generation menstrual panties
intimate hygiene new generation menstrual panties

We previously told you about the average monthly cost of your personal hygiene. If we reduce that to a lifetime of periods, it still represents a small budget.

Investing in period panties also saves money. Because as we said, these panties are reusable and will be as effective as the first day (provided they are well maintained). Imagine, no longer having to urgently buy your protections every month! Your period panties, on the contrary, will quietly wait for you warm in your closet.

For the purchase of period panties, count on average 30 €. We advise you to buy three or four to alternate day and night over two days: a total of 120 € spent that you will not regret! If this sum may seem high to you, in the long term, the savings you will make will be substantial.

Finally, thanks to the period panties you will also be able to forget the anguish of the first day of the forgotten rule which takes us by surprise, as well as the fear of seeing our beautiful lingerie stained by these small unwanted drops at the end or beginning of the cycle.

All we can say is that we are 100% fan and can't live without it! And you, will you dare to take the plunge?

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