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Homemade Probiotic Drink: Recipes And Tips
Homemade Probiotic Drink: Recipes And Tips

Video: Homemade Probiotic Drink: Recipes And Tips

Video: Homemade Probiotic Drink: Recipes And Tips
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More and more, probiotic drinks are talking about them. Obtained by natural fermentation of fruits or teas, these potions are excellent for our intestinal flora. In addition to aiding digestion and regulating transit, these super drinks act as immune system boosters. In general, fermented drinks are quite expensive. But you can also cook them yourself, as long as you follow a few simple instructions. If you are interested in making a homemade probiotic drink, in this article we are going to offer you some recipes that deserve your full attention.

Why do we need probiotic drinks?

homemade fermented drinks kefir kombucha grapefruit ginger
homemade fermented drinks kefir kombucha grapefruit ginger

Finally, we know: the intestine is the largest immune organ in the human body. Almost 100 billion bacteria present in the intestine are engaged in maintaining our immune system, protecting us from unwanted germs, helping the assimilation of vitamins and minerals and neutralizing toxic substances. But because of certain pathologies, taking antibiotics, our modern lifestyle and our unbalanced diet have a direct impact on the intestinal flora. This sometimes causes serious damage not only to digestion but also to the body's defense. And as the link between the gut and our well-being is no longer in doubt, our emotional state is also directly concerned. Impossible not to have heard of probiotics. These are the good bacteria that facilitate digestion and optimal absorption of nutrients. They help strengthen our immune defenses and are the key to our physical and emotional well-being. All this explains the craze for probiotic drinks. It also turns out that these potions which boost immunity, heal beauty and improve transit are easy to prepare. So many reasons not to deprive yourself of it!

Probiotic drinks: what are they?

homemade probiotic drink fruit kvass
homemade probiotic drink fruit kvass

Yes, fermented milk yogurts are probiotic foods, but they're not the only ones of their kind. Lacto-fermented foods, kefirs, and other fermented drinks like homemade ginger beer are also on the list of probiotic foods and drinks. These concentrate nutrients and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the intestine, and more than that. An excellent complement to a balanced diet and regular sports practice, these fermented products help protect our cells against oxidative stress and boost our immunity. We know kefir, kombucha, jun, kvass, tepache, etc.

Homemade probiotic drink recipe: strawberry and thyme kefir

kefir water strawberries easy recipe instructions
kefir water strawberries easy recipe instructions


• 1 handful of fresh strawberries

• 3 sprigs of thyme

For the kefir:

• ¼ cup (55 g) unrefined sugar

• ¼ cup (60 ml) hot water

• 1 L filtered or mineral water

• 1 pinch of sea salt

• 1 dried fig

• 1 dried date

• 10 golden raisins

• ¼ tsp. 1 tsp molasses

• ¼ cup (120 g) kefir grains

Preparation instructions:

1. Find a large glass jar and put the sugar in it. Add hot water and stir until the sugar dissolves. Also put the salt, fig, date and raisins, molasses and finish filtered water. Mix well to combine.

2. Put the kefir grains in the jar. Cover the container with a piece of cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band.

3. Leave the jar at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

4. In 24 hours on average, the culture will start to sparkle and the fig will rise to the surface.

preparation kefir water house instructions
preparation kefir water house instructions

5. This is when the fruits should be removed.

6. Filter the fermented liquid into a 1 liter bottle with metal closure.

7. To flavor the liquid, pour the strawberries into the bottle. You can either puree the strawberries or cut them into pieces. Also add the sprigs of thyme.

8. Leave at room temperature for 1 to 3 days, for the second mousse, relieving the pressure every day.

9. When the fermentation suits you, refrigerate. Your homemade probiotic drink is ready to drink.

10. Keep the kefir grains cool with water and sugar.

Now that you know the basic kefir recipe, you can experiment with varying your probiotic drinks with any other fresh or dried fruit. Do not hesitate to test fermented drinks made from raspberries, mint, cucumber, citrus fruits, apricots, mango, pineapple, etc.

homemade probiotic drink kefir grapefruit rosemary
homemade probiotic drink kefir grapefruit rosemary

Some tips to consider:

1. It is during the second fermentation, when the kefir is bottled, without the grains, that the flavor develops, the sparkling intensifies more and the alcohol level increases very slightly. Take into consideration that by replacing water with sweet fruit juice, the alcohol level will be higher, ditto for the sugar content of the drink obtained.

2. In hot weather, the second fermentation can take place much faster. So, 24 hours after the start of the second fermentation, you must pay close attention to the progress of the process and place the bottle in the refrigerator, when necessary, to stop the fermentation.

3. During the second fermentation, you can increase the alcohol content and sparkle of your homemade probiotic drink by adding 1 tsp. to c. sugar or a sweetening product (honey for example) as you wish.

4. At this stage of fermentation, you can bring a particular taste to your fermented drink by adding fresh or dried fruit, natural flavors (eg vanilla) and spices (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom), flowers (hibiscus, elderflower, rose petals), fresh plants (mint, lemon balm, verbena, blackcurrant leaves, thyme, nettle, sage) or a citrus essence, caramel, coffee, etc.

5. Take into consideration that adding sweet fruit or sweet items in large amounts can cause your fermented drinks to get out of hand when opening the vacuum bottle.

Homemade probiotic drink: kombucha

combucha homemade probiotic drink preparation instructions
combucha homemade probiotic drink preparation instructions

Kombucha has been one of the most popular fermented drinks in recent times. This drink has a sweet, tangy and carbonated taste and is composed of a sweet green or black tea, in which macerates a fungus resembling a gelatinous disc, called Scoby (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Placed in a large glass jar, the mother fungus assimilates the sugar from the tea, producing acids, vitamins and enzymes that ultimately turn the tea into kombucha. Fermentation takes about 2 weeks. The drink obtained is slightly carbonated and alcoholic. Its tangy and fruity taste evokes beer or cider.

How to prepare your own kombucha?

Scoby combucha mother mushroom
Scoby combucha mother mushroom

If you want to make your own kombucha, you first need to get a mother mushroom. You can order it online or grab a piece from someone who already has it.


• 1 L of spring water

• 80 g of white or cane sugar

• 2 tbsp. green or black tea

• 2 tsp. organic apple cider vinegar


1. Start by bringing the spring water and sugar to a boil. Remove from the heat and mix well.

2. Infuse 2 tbsp. tea 15 minutes. Strain the tea and let cool. Pour the mixture into a large glass jar.

3. If this is your first time making kombucha, add 2 tbsp. tablespoons of organic cider vinegar. If not, add 100 ml of your previous drink that you have set aside.

4. Place the mother mushroom on the surface, smooth and clear side up. Cover the jar with a clean tea towel, then close with a rubber band.

5. Leave to ferment for 14 days at room temperature (between 21 and 26 °), away from the sun. Note that the fungus will grow until it reaches the sides of the jar.

6. The drink is ready when it begins to sparkle. The more the mixture ferments, the more acidic it will be.

7. Pour the drink into glass bottles with a mechanical stopper and store them in the fridge. These withstand the pressure of the fermentation gas and are reusable.

8. If you wish, vary your drink with spices, hibiscus flowers or fruits.

homemade kombucha preparation glass jars covered with elastics etamine
homemade kombucha preparation glass jars covered with elastics etamine

Some useful tips to follow for a successful kombucha:

• White sugar is preferred, because it is more easily digested by the fungus. But organic cane sugar also does the trick. On the other hand, honey and whole sugars do not work.

• Regarding teas, you should prefer black or green ones that contain nutrients essential for the development of kombucha.

• If the drink has an unpleasant odor or if the parent fungus has mold, it is better to discard the current preparation. Wash the gelatinous disc with apple cider vinegar, then repeat the preparation.

• To wash the jar, never use soap, as this can damage the fungus. Instead, prefer white vinegar and boiling water.

• Store your mushroom in the refrigerator in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Remember to feed the fungus by adding sugar regularly.

• Don't hesitate to try our excellent kombucha vinaigrette recipe.

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