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How To Make Living Room Furniture Yourself?
How To Make Living Room Furniture Yourself?

Video: How To Make Living Room Furniture Yourself?

Video: How To Make Living Room Furniture Yourself?
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DIY is more and more inviting in decoration and interior design! This is an ideal solution to save money and it also allows you to have objects that really look like us. In addition, what could be better than being able to have furniture perfectly suited to your tastes? You will understand, in this article, we are going to give you some DIY ideas to allow you to make your living room furniture yourself. And not just any! These are essential pieces to have in every living room: the coffee table, the TV table and the end of the sofa, very trendy at the moment.

Stylish DIY living room furniture: it's all in the feet

DIY living room scandinavian coffee table
DIY living room scandinavian coffee table

DIY your own piece of furniture becomes accessible to all thanks to the existence of many online tutorials, but also because it is now easy to obtain the necessary elements for this type of realization. Furniture legs aren't the easiest parts to DIY. Fortunately, you have the possibility of finding some in the trade.

The key is to choose quality furniture legs that suit the style you are looking for. To do this, the first criterion on which to base ourselves is the material of the foot. For a cocooning, natural and warm style, prefer wooden furniture legs which are quite accessible. In addition, it is possible to paint these feet for additional customization. So you can let your creative spirit do the talking!

For a modern and refined decoration, a metallic material such as steel, aluminum or stainless steel is more suitable.

The second criterion will be the shape which will bring the touch of style to your furniture. For the vintage style for example, a coffee table foot in the shape of a trapezoid or square will be perfect.

On the other hand, for a Scandinavian-style living room cabinet, the pin-shaped cabinet foot is ideal. If you want to design a minimalist and designer piece of furniture, you can opt for a triple or trapezoidal foot which will bring this graphic effect, so characteristic of this style.

The third criterion concerns the type of furniture to be designed. So, in the case of designing a coffee table, you should know that the height of the legs should be between 25 and 40 cm. The feet of a TV cabinet, on the other hand, should measure between 15 and 30 cm at most. Finally, the feet of your end of the sofa should not exceed 15 cm. These criteria must be met in order to obtain a durable piece of furniture.

Create a designer coffee table: what legs and what steps?

make a design wooden coffee table
make a design wooden coffee table

Here are the various steps required to create a designer coffee table.

Materials needed

  • A square or round wooden tray depending on your preferences,
  • 2 black flat iron table legs,
  • 10 screws,
  • a pot of colorless protective varnish.

Manufacturing of the design coffee table

Start by sanding your table top if you feel it is necessary, then position the table legs at each end. Then mark the location of the screws with a pencil. Remember not to place the table legs completely at the end to avoid an unsightly rendering. Then, using a drill and a small drill (very important not to split the wood!), Drill holes corresponding to the height of your screws. By respecting the height of your screws, you will also avoid drilling your plate right through. You can now proceed to screwing in the feet using a screwdriver or screwdriver.

The last step finally consists in delicately varnishing the wooden tray with a large brush. Note that some people prefer to varnish the wood before putting their feet up. However, if your plate is already well sanded and smooth, nothing prevents you from doing it at the end since there will be no more sanding to be done between 2 coats of varnish.

A DIY TV cabinet with pin legs

DIY tv cabinet feet pins bedroom layout
DIY tv cabinet feet pins bedroom layout

The idea with this pin-leg TV stand is to achieve a style that doesn't clash with that of the coffee table. This explains this choice of furniture legs.

Materials needed

  • 4 boards to make the cabinet box,
  • a large wooden plate for the back bottom,
  • 4 pin feet,
  • screws,
  • wood glue.


Start by assembling the 4 boards so as to obtain a box with 4 equal sides. Glue with wood glue first, then nail each end to strengthen the assembly. Once the 4 sides are assembled, secure the bottom with glue and nail the elements. Then drive out the head of the nails, fill the holes with wood paste and smooth everything.

You can sand and varnish the box before screwing the legs of your living room furniture and voila!

An easy DIY side table

gray scandinavian armchair blond wood furniture legs modern design
gray scandinavian armchair blond wood furniture legs modern design

The end table is the star of interiors today. His utility ? In addition to being decorative, it allows you to put a book and a glass or a cup near the sofa, without fear of cluttering the seat.


  • a 30 cm diameter drum-shaped table leg,
  • a hard plastic plate 30 cm in diameter,
  • strong glue,
  • a bomb in the color of your choice.


Cover your plastic plate with the chosen paint. A gold, silver or bronze color is ideal for adding sparkle to the decoration. If the paint does not stick easily, you can spread it with a wet cloth which will even bring a very vintage "used" side to your end of the sofa.

When the paint has dried well, stick the plate with strong glue on your drum stand, wait again for it to dry well. Your end of the sofa is ready!

Note that you can also put vases, magazines or some decorative elements on your end of the sofa.

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