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Exercising At Home: Tested And Graded Workouts
Exercising At Home: Tested And Graded Workouts

Video: Exercising At Home: Tested And Graded Workouts

Video: Exercising At Home: Tested And Graded Workouts
Video: Sports Endurance Workout - Stamina, Speed, and Agility Workout 2023, June

The new restrictive measures against Covid-19 are no excuse for not taking care of your body! Eating a healthy diet, exercising at home for 30 minutes every day, and a basket of positive thoughts are the three basic ingredients that will help you stay in shape during the lockdown period. However, playing sports at home for those who are used to visiting the gym can be a bit boring, even annoying. However, doing a home exercise / sport to lose weight is just as effective as doing it at the gym. With or without equipment, alone or with the family, to refine the silhouette or to build muscle, the workouts that we come across on the Web promise to change the way you see sport at home.

How to play sports at home to lose weight and / or build muscle?

do sport at home to lose weight exercise to do at home to build muscle
do sport at home to lose weight exercise to do at home to build muscle

Considering the fact that the body needs more mobility in times of isolation, it is essential to create your own training program that will not only help you pamper your physical well-being, but also effectively combat it. stress caused by the current situation. Easy exercises to lose weight, build muscle, or relax - no matter your regular gym routine, you can easily recreate most of Youtube's workouts. Here are 6 to try to stay in shape and keep your spirits up from your cocoon.

What do you need to exercise at home?

what sport at home to do sport at home to lose weight tips equipment
what sport at home to do sport at home to lose weight tips equipment

When it comes to the equipment you need to exercise at home, what exactly do you need? To be able to perform your exercises comfortably without putting your knees and elbows at risk, the sports mat is essential. The latter protects the body against injury by playing the role of a kind of "quilt". Thus, it makes sports training more comfortable and enjoyable. Likewise, opt for an outfit that you like and in which you will feel more comfortable. Create a themed playlist that will motivate you more and choose a home spot where you have enough space to move freely. Finally, don't forget to concoct a breakfast smoothie to enjoy after your home workout is over.

How to play sports at home without equipment?

Arms, legs, stomach and back can be worked on in a thousand and one ways at home! No need for professional sports equipment. All you need to do is use the weight of your own body, some elements of your interior (bottles, chairs or stairs) and the tutorials available on Youtube and Instagram. Bloggers and bloggers regularly offer workouts to be done without equipment, which is a good point when you are starting out and you are not yet ready to invest in sports equipment. So you can use your water bottle like dumbbells to build muscle. When working from home, take a little sporting break by heading for the stairs of your building. Don't forget your smartphone and headphones.

In this context, the smartphone is an ally of choice for playing sports at home without special equipment. With its wide range of applications (5 Minutes Home Fitness, Fizz Up), the smartphone is a true slimming and fitness ally to always have with you during your workouts.

Exercise at home to lose weight in one area

Arms, back, shoulders, thighs, buttocks… do you prefer to refine or strengthen a single area of your body? To effectively work your biceps and pecs, nothing better than doing a few push-ups on your knees or feet. Those who wish to develop their triceps can opt for the dips by taking a support on a chair or a table base behind. To work the back and the arms at the same time, privilege the pull-ups. To be successful at home, you don't need to invest in a pull-up bar. A simple stair landing will do very well. Squats, on the other hand, are essential when the goal is to refine the lower body, and in particular the glutes. Lunges and step are another option for enjoying a well-rounded butt without special equipment. For the step,you can totally use the steps of your stairs.

An example of homemade cardio without equipment

what sport at home how to play sport at home without equipment sports session at home confinement
what sport at home how to play sport at home without equipment sports session at home confinement

To learn how to play sports at home without equipment, you will have to use your imagination! We therefore propose the following session:

  • 1 min of squats
  • 1 min race on site
  • 1 min of board and variations
  • 1 min of steps on the stairs
  • 1 min of lunges
  • 1 min of dips

After the workout is finished, take a few minutes to stretch. During and after the effort, don't forget to hydrate yourself!

What exercise / sport at home to lose weight quickly?

Playing sports at home to lose weight quickly is quite possible with HIIT workouts. All the rage on the Internet, they are perfect for getting you back in shape quickly and without breaking your budget. The basic idea? Devote 7 minutes of sport per day to perform intense physical exercises and sculpt a dream body in a few weeks. A great concept and particularly suitable for busy young mothers. All you need is a sports mat, a bottle of water and your motivational playlist. Although this sounds like a joke, we assure you that after Kayla Itsines workout you will be breathless. Another possibility to lose weight effectively and quickly at home is the plank challenge.

What exercise to do at home to build muscle?

Can you lose weight and build muscle with a rubber band? As suggested above, you can use the elastic band to perform certain pilates exercises. However, this is not the only option that the accessory in question offers to home sports fans. Indeed, the majority of strength training programs that you know use the elastic. With the latter, you work the muscle in its different contraction regimes as well as the pace of execution of the movements. The most common exercises to be performed with an elastic band are push-ups and direct boxing. In short, workouts that cannot be done with weights or weight bars.

What sport at home to lose weight while having fun?

Although small trips around your home are allowed by the government, you better put the idea of going for a run in the park aside! To combine sport and fun without leaving your home, bet on dancing! Enjoyable, fun and accessible to everyone, dancing is not only a great technique for burning calories, but also for staying motivated in the long run. Thanks to Pamela Reif and her little dance workout above, you won't feel like you're playing sports. The extra pounds will fly away and the good mood will panic. So, prepare yourself a motivating playlist, find a spacious enough place in your apartment and get started!

What home exercise for beginners?

Pilates, you hear about it since the beginning of the confinement, but you have not yet taken the plunge? Between cardio and weight training, the pilates method is perfect for home sports enthusiasts who have just started. Very popular with stars, she is strongly inspired by yoga and dance. The two key elements of the pilates method are balance and good breathing. Each workout consists of adopting different positions that contract the muscles and encourage the body to keep its balance. Unlike the previous exercises, here they are slow and gentle. Yoga, on the other hand, is also very suitable for beginners in sports. Excellent for keeping fit and fighting against negative emotions, yoga offers a wide assortment of postures that are very easy to do at home. More,it is an effective and natural way to fight back pain caused by teleworking.

Material level, a simple mat will do. If you decide to complicate and vary your pilates and yoga exercises, get a ball, rope, dumbbells, rubber bands or a wheel, the hot new yoga accessory.

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