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Foam Mattress - Buying Guide To Choose The Right One For You
Foam Mattress - Buying Guide To Choose The Right One For You

Video: Foam Mattress - Buying Guide To Choose The Right One For You

Video: Foam Mattress - Buying Guide To Choose The Right One For You
Video: Mattress Buying Guide (How To Choose A Mattress) 2023, March

Present in every bedding store, mattresses, mattress toppers and box springs are more and more popular with the French. They owe their good reputation not only to their scientific approach to sleep, but also to their longer lifespan. They also offer sleeping independence and are very suitable for people prone to allergies, such as allergy to dust mites. In this article, we invite you to discover a little more about foam mattresses in order to choose yours well!

Foam mattresses, a compendium of technologies

why choose a foam mattress advantages buying advice
why choose a foam mattress advantages buying advice

Why invest in a foam mattress? It offers improved performance in both firmness and elasticity, making it a perfect choice for people who prefer a firm and toned bed at the same time. In addition, the foam mattress is based on science and technological innovations to provide an appropriate response to all the different sleep problems that an individual may encounter. It is also subjected to several tests to prove its perfect safety, but also its effectiveness in taking care of sleep so that you can wash in great shape.

To treat their customers' sleep, many bedding manufacturers combine several technologies resulting from 40 years of anatomical and dorsometric research. Good examples are the Bultex nano Pureness, Clearness, I-Novo and Silvery mattresses.

Nano technology

foam mattress buying guide
foam mattress buying guide

Kept secret to this day, this technology that was originally the result of chance has since been improved, theorized and patented. It is a unique alveolar system made up of millions of small autonomous alveoli which provide a marked improvement in the hardness and comfort of the material, compared to traditional foam.

Thanks to this innovative nanometric approach, the foam mattress is able to perfectly fit the body and thus ensures infinitely more precise comfort. It also ensures better air circulation inside the mattress, which ensures fresher bedding for longer. In comparison with a polyurethane foam mattress, a nano foam mattress is 10 times more ventilated.

In addition, this technology also halves the weight of the foam mattress compared to other models available on the market. And this at equivalent thickness.

Sanitized ® treatment

foam mattress advantages buying advice
foam mattress advantages buying advice

This technology mainly benefits people sensitive to allergens. It is an anti-mite and antibacterial treatment carried out on the fabric and the core of the mattress in order to significantly reduce the risk of allergy.

Fresh'Air fiber

Present in the filling of a good number of foam mattresses, this fiber is particularly breathable and thermoregulatory. It therefore ensures sleep at the right temperature.

The combination of all these technologies has been proven to dramatically improve sleep. According to a study conducted in February in 2018 among 3,001 people aged 18 and over, a foam mattress would allow you to sleep longer, at a rate of 18 hours and 15 minutes per year.

The criteria for choosing a nano foam mattress

criteria choice of bultex premium memory foam mattress
criteria choice of bultex premium memory foam mattress

How to choose among the different mattress models available on the market?


Bedding manufacturers offer several ranges of foam mattresses to adapt to all morphologies of sleepers. We thus distinguish:

  • Balanced support mattresses: they are intended above all for small sizes and for those with great flexibility.
  • Firmly supportive mattresses: they were especially designed for tall people and for people with substantial build.

It is essential to choose the support adapted to your morphology in order to respect the alignment of the spine, thus avoiding any risk of back pain and optimizing the efficiency of recovery through sleep.

French production nano bultex foam mattress
French production nano bultex foam mattress

The soul of the mattress

You should know that the support depends mainly on the soul of the mattress, that is to say its heart. Some mattresses offer a zoned core for precise support. They have between 5 to 7 zones adapted to the different parts of the anatomy, making the pelvis area firmer and the shoulder area more flexible.

For several years, certain brands have been offering ranges of connected mattresses characterized by a so-called “anatomic” core providing very high-end comfort with integrated intelligence for an unprecedented sleep experience. The information is in fact transmitted to your connected bracelet and you can thus have access to: the duration of your sleep, your micro-alarm clocks, your sleep phases, the temperature of the room.

The filling

foam mattress characteristics advantages buying advice
foam mattress characteristics advantages buying advice

In addition to its soul, the comfort of a foam mattress also depends on its type of reception, that is to say on the filling of its upper layer. There are different types of reception, namely:

  • Dynamic / firm: the filling is little worked and is not very dynamic for quick support.
  • Soft: thicker, the filling is often foam and / or fibers. It offers a smoother first sensation.
  • Enveloping: the filling is very generous and generally uses memory foam and fibers. It offers very cocooning comfort.

The choice of the type of reception depends on individual preferences. However, it is important to choose the one that best responds to your problems in order to make it easier to fall asleep and limit micro-awakenings.

The dimensions

Foam mattresses are available in a wide range in terms of dimensions. And this, whether it is sleeping for one person or for two.

It should be noted that the height / thickness of the mattress will determine its rise in range. Indeed, the thicker the mattress, the more it will integrate complete technical characteristics, which will extend its lifespan over time. However, nano mattresses are already recognized to be 7% more durable over time, in terms of loss of hardness.

Mattresses and box springs "made in Sarthe"

bultex foam mattress advantages advice purchase made in France
bultex foam mattress advantages advice purchase made in France

Among the most famous manufacturers of foam mattresses, we find the brand Bultex. It takes its name from the contraction of the words:

  • "Bubbles" in reference to the many cells that make up the foam.
  • “Texture” which is one of the main characteristics of this foam with unique elasticity.

Founded in the early 1970s, Bultex was initially a simple upholstery foam manufacturing plant. It was not until ten years later, in 1984 more precisely, that she filed the invention of her polyurethane foam and specialized in the conceptualization of sleep comfort.

The brand manufactures all of its mattresses and box springs in France, in its 19,000 m² factory in Noyen-sur-Sarthe. Regarding raw materials, it favors national and European suppliers.

If the foam is designed in Seine-Maritime, the fabrics come from Italy, Belgium or the countries of Eastern Europe. As for the wood, it comes from the Scandinavian countries. However, it is transformed and resized in Brittany, in Fougères.

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